Voting with Spirit

Today is an important day for us Brits. It is the day we get to put an ‘x’ in a box, to use our voice, to have our say on who gets to control this fine land we call Britain. Every adult person (those who bothered to register that is), has a democratic right to vote for the person they believe is best suited to sit at the head of our government and live behind that famous black door with a shiny no. 10 on it.

As I sit and ponder how much my vote means, who to vote for and am I doing it for the right reasons, I find myself wondering how others are making their decision. From what I’ve heard from people generally, there are various reasons behind people’s decisions. Based upon financial factors, education, healthcare, employment, immigration, to name but a few, it seems that some make their decision upon a factor that means the most to them. Others, it seems, like to vote ‘tactically’; voting for one party because it’s a close call and they don’t want the others to get in. The general feel I get though is that people tend to vote with their heads, for practical purposes or with their bank balance in mind.


I wonder then, how different the outcome would be if people actually took the time to study it all properly, and voted with their hearts. With things in mind like; who is most committed to caring for our environment rather than how much more money can be made by raping our lands for unnecessary fuels? Who cares about the poor and sick in our society rather than how much money can be made by exploiting these people? Who wants to put a stop to the suffering across the world caused by unnecessary wars and starvation and sickness?

There is a section (I suspect a rather large one) of society, who actually don’t understand much at all of what is said by the competing parties, what they stand for, and what they intend, I also admit to being part of this section. I know a little, as I’m sure most people do but what I do know has been fed to me through mainstream media and through items I’ve come across on the internet or pamphlets pushed through my door that the dog hasn’t got to first.

Do any of us really understand it all? Do any of us actually know what goes on in those houses of parliament? All that shouting and arguing – what does it all mean? Hard earned tax money goes towards paying the salaries of those arguing shouting folk – so why don’t we get what it is they really do?

And let’s not forget, there is also a large section of society that does not vote at all. Whether it is because they don’t understand, aren’t interested or simply don’t trust any of the politicians. These people and their non-voting voice ought to be accounted for too shouldn’t they? This shows us that there are some who do not know enough, or do not care enough to vote for anyone. I have also been part of this section of society in the past.

It is because I do not fully understand all the manifestos and jargon; that I choose to vote this time, with my heart. I know that I’m only one person, just little ol’ me and my one little ‘x’ in a box, but I don’t want my ‘x’ to be marked in a particular box just because I think – they’re going to win anyway, or because maybe they will bring wages up and taxes down a little and maybe this, maybe that, maybe the other. I want to walk out of that polling booth knowing that my ‘x’ had a bit of meaning behind it, that it was marked with a belief in mind and a desire for change. Because let’s face it, change is what we need.

change words election

We are all people, human beings living on a planet that does her best to take care of us. Therefore, we should all have a say in how our little part of the planet is taken care of by us. We all want fairness, equality and a good life with no worries – don’t we? We can all make little differences and do the things we know in our hearts to be good and to be dutiful citizens. Yet, does our voice make a difference as a whole? Do we all feel connected in some way when we make our mark in that box?

Surely we, the people, don’t want to live in a world where it is acceptable to walk past a person in need and do nothing, where it is thought of as our patriotic duty to believe that sending soldiers and bombs to a place where people are already suffering is necessary. We need to take care of this planet, as she takes care of us. For we need her – she doesn’t need us.

If we spend our time squabbling over boundaries and commodities, hungering after these things as though they are our god-given right in pursuit of more power, then nothing is going to change. We need to start thinking about OUR environment. Money, power, all the possessions in the world, will mean absolutely nothing when the planet decides it’s time to get rid of us.

So who do I vote for out of this motley crew? …

motley crew

Treating people fairly is important – government needs to treat its people fairly, not just looking after a privileged few but ALL of the people. They are supposed to be working FOR us, with our best interests at heart, I for one, do not feel the Conservative government we’ve been stuck with for the past 5 years has done this, so I definitely won’t be voting for them. Labour promise they are all for helping the working class, of which I am part. So do I vote for them just so the Conservatives don’t get back in? I say NO – because I don’t believe them. Liberal Democrats are the ones that come up behind the other two every time, the ones in the middle of left and right. They have promises too and are the ones who have held power here where I live for the past ten years, so do I vote for them just because they’ve done an ok job for that decade? Again NO because they are politicians too and are still driven by financial goals, they voted yes to the bedroom tax which I think is a horrible thing, and I discovered in the past that my local MP was one of those who voted yes to the bedroom tax and then proceeded to claim thousands of pounds for a second home for him and his family. Next there’s UK IP – A BIG NO to them because they seem to want us all to live on this little island of ours as though we are somehow superior to anyone else in Europe. Immigration is a big issue in this country and UK IP seem determined to blame all our problems on this – I don’t agree with that.


So for me, it has to be GREEN – now there’s a party I can get behind. They appear to be the only ones who actually care, the only ones who claim to put people before profit, who want to combat climate change and work towards a better, more renewable, sustainable environment for us all. They are committed to big issues like the NHS, a decent living wage for everyone, just proper policies that mean something to everyone, none of the long-winded bickering those other guys seem to enjoy.

It would seem also, from a quick question on a social media page, that there are others who agree with me.

Here’s to a greener future and some power to the people!

Peace J


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