Watching ‘With One Voice’

Continuing my research, and not feeling too good today, I decided to sit back and watch some insightful documentaries. I say some, there was just one. It was called ‘With One Voice’. I quote from the description on Netflix: ‘Featuring mystics from around the world, this illuminating documentary seeks to explore the unity of humanity and reveal our essential oneness.’ Illuminating, it certainly was. There was lots to be said about oneness, from very wise sounding people from lots of different religions and traditions from Buddhists to a Quaker, from Muslim to Trappist Monk to Jewish rabbi and many others. All occasionally accompanied by a familiar docu-narrative voice

with one voice

What struck me whilst watching, was that even though there were so many different voices, the message was ultimately the same: In order to achieve any kind of peace, anywhere in the world, in any aspect of any human life, it has to come from inside. We are back again to INNER PEACE. We all have to find it, and try to ensure that others do the same.

A kindly faced chap named Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev says:

‘There is only one path – that is you.’

The messages are so clearly out there for us all to hear and it seems, that it doesn’t really matter where you chose to look. Whether it be in a Christian church, a Mosque, a Buddhist temple, or mountain retreat, even by just researching any type of religion or tradition, just a little bit. It’s there shouting at us! PEACE, LOVE and COMPASSION are just words, when spoken in different languages, they still mean the same thing and those words are there, in all religions, being announced in hymns and prayers, in the teachings of the spiritual leaders everywhere and even in those darn inspirational memes you see plastered all over social networks, you know the ones: you read them, they may make you smile, you click that ‘like’ button or maybe even share it, promising yourself you’ll look at it again one day, and then scroll on by and forget about it almost immediately.

So the point then, really, or the way I see it certainly, is that there is a unity in all of us, every single human being on this planet. We are all connected, in that we all breathe the same air, we all need the same basic things to survive, we all have the same basic instincts. Surely it doesn’t matter where on the planet we live, or which God or belief system we ascribe to? There is a fundamental, basic sameness to all of us.

If you stood one person from every race, religion, tribe, nation, country, city, town and village; in a room, with the same clothes on and lets say they could only communicate, through music instead of spoken language. How do you think the relationships between those people might be formed? If they couldn’t talk about their beliefs, their gods, their lives but only express themselves through melodic sound and some dancing perhaps – It would be interesting right?

So, why, when the message given by all these wise and mystical people, is so similar, are there such differences created between them? Is it the institutionalisation of these religions that causes them to disagree? An ‘Our god is better than yours’ type scenario? It puzzles me, and it makes me want to stay in the background, not choosing one or the other, not giving myself a badge of Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or others. Yet, still wanting to listen to what they have to say. That’s Okay don’t you think? And the more you listen to what they ALL have to say, the more you realise that they basically ALL say the same.


A particular favourite quote from the aforementioned Documentary was one by a Jewish mystic called ‘Hillel’ who lived about 70 years before Christ. The somewhat dramatically voiced narrator quoted:

‘When we _ realise the interconnectedness of all life, hatred and all forms of aggression will cease. Peace in the world will become a reality when individuals realise that we belong to each other. That there is but one human family.’

So, onward … with the journey towards inner PEACE 🙂


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