The Journey Begins……

So many of us, including me and some, if not most of the people I encounter, trudge through our lives as though there is nothing else. We get up in the morning, carry out routine tasks through the day; working, taking care of family etc. then we go to bed at night knowing that we have to do it all again tomorrow. Some are lucky enough to have friends and family to visit occasionally, people to take time out with, share thoughts and pass the time away. These times are special and wonderful. Family and friends bring love into your life – and of course some drama and heartache too. It’s the daily grind that gets us down though isn’t it? We resent the fact that we have to carry out duties in order to have the things we need or rather, the things we want. It doesn’t seem fair does it? Unless of course, you are one of those people who love what they do, if you are – I salute you. I’m hoping this journey of mine will allow me to say the same.

8871033_origConfucius putting it simply

Can any of us actually say ‘I do what I love and love what I do’ every day? I don’t think so. I know I can’t. We have to go to work, get the kids to school, go to the supermarket, clean the house, walk the dog – the list goes on, and on. At the root of any part of your day, are the nagging little voices – what’s next? What else do I have to do before I can take time out, for me, to do what I like? Many of us never get this time at all, well, hardly ever.

So how do we find the time for ourselves? What strength must we achieve in order to stop and say – Now it’s my turn! Because if we don’t find that strength and we don’t make that time, to be alone with our thoughts, to re-evaluate, to step back and look in, to get to know your true-self – to find inner peace, then what is the point of being you!?


Nobody else can find it for you. This is the first thing I’ve learnt. In order to find any peace at all, you have to find your inner self. Not the person you think everyone else sees, but the real you, the one inside that only you really know. You have to do that thing that most people consider slightly crazy and talk to yourself! I mean really have a word with you. Find out first, what’s in there, otherwise, how are you going to know which areas to address?

Even just deciding to find some inner peace in my life has made me look at life itself, differently.

Truly, once you decide to examine your thoughts, really paying attention to how you think, you realise that some things just aren’t as important as you once thought – like money, possessions and what other people think of you; and other things become more important – like love, compassion, happiness and truth.

As the Beatles sang out in that wonderful revolutionary era of the 60s: I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love.’

It was a couple of years ago now, when I was awoken to the reality that life is not quite what we think it is, rather late in life – but better late than never, right? A random conversation in a coffee shop one day caused me to start questioning things. What if, after hundreds of thousands of years of living on this planet as intelligent beings, we got some of the really serious stuff wrong? The details are irrelevant here; the point is that from that day onwards, I began to feel as though I’d been living a bit of a lie. I became more mindful of the injustices in this world; instead of just worrying about my troubles, I was consumed with the fact that my worries are nothing compared to some of the horrors that are being carried out all over this planet. Yet, it is the causes of these horrors, the reasons why they are happening, that troubles me more. Wars carried out in the name of religion, for example, have been happening throughout human history, we are taught about them in school as though they are triumphs! I don’t agree! (I’m holding in a large rant here – please pause if you like, to have your own.)

I feel very lucky; I have a wonderful, knowledgeable, spiritual friend who has helped me begin my path to enlightenment. I live in Cornwall which is itself a very spiritual place. I plan to talk to lots more like-minded people along my journey, and throughout this blog I will be endeavouring to share my discoveries with you. My hope is that whoever reads this also finds some guidance from somewhere, or even that just reading this has made you want to join in. We all have a purpose; it is up to us to discover what that is. Our species is, so they say, the most advanced on this planet. We are capable of amazing things. Let’s try, shall we? To be more amazing – this planet we live on called Mother Earth, needs us to be or she’s gonna kick us out!

Until next time … PEACE 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins……

  1. JJ, you got style. Over on the Live to Write-Write to Live site, you said you had posted new content. Did you mean here or elsewhere? Couldn’t locate anything dated later than May 7. Figured it would be easier to contact you here rather than keep up the banter on the LTW-WTL blog. Peace out.


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