Spirit: a lost connection?

Wikipedia says: ‘The English word spirit (from Latin spiritus “breath”) has many differing meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body. _The word spirit is often used metaphysically to refer to the consciousness or personality.’

So ‘come on … where’s your spirit?’ Teachers used to say this at school, parents will echo these words when trying to encourage a child onward. I ask the same question of you now reader … where is YOUR spirit? Do you feel connected to a ‘non-corporeal’ substance in your life? Because you see, I’m not sure I do.

It was whilst watching a video of a talk given by a man called Graham Hancock (you may have heard of him?) that I heard these words: ‘We have severed our connection with spirit’. The context, in which Graham uttered these words, concerned conversations he’d had with shamanic healers in the Amazon rainforest, when they’d talked about ‘the sickness of the west’. Graham repeats that they say: ‘unless you reconnect with spirit and do so soon – you’re going to bring the whole house of cards down around your heads and ours’.

The Shamanic healer’s words have echoed through my mind ever since. So, my question is … HOW do we get our connection back?

These words concerned me, words which I felt in my heart and soul to be true. You see I live in the western world, a world that has become driven by materialistic goals. We have been indoctrinated throughout life, through the culture and environment we have grown up in, through the goggle-box in the corner of the room, at school even, to be dutiful citizens, good consumers and to carry on our lives in a way which is dictated to us through channels of mind-control, directly thrust into our brains, and manipulated by an elite bunch of corporate lunatics!

How do we break away from this grindstone of buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell? Eat more of this, eat less of that, don’t do this, don’t do that, love thy neighbour (unless they’re an immigrant, then you must resent them for stealing jobs and living on benefits), hate those middle-eastern terrorist folk, they want to bomb us, but don’t worry, because if you keep paying your taxes like dutiful little robots, we (the so-called democratic govt.) will spend it all for you, on better bombs, so we can intimidate the world into giving us what we want. Oh, and whilst we will let you think that we are doing this all for you and your safety, we’re not. We just want more money and power and oil and gas and whatever else we can get our grubby, greedy little hands on!

Whoa! It all sounds rather sinister and evil when you rant about it like that doesn’t it?

But it is, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that it IS evil! And it is all this injustice that has surely created this severed connection that the shamans spoke of. Humanity, in the hands of western powers, is surely doomed!? I would really rather like to leave it all behind, find my own little spot in a rainforest somewhere and re-establish my connection. But, is it feasible? What if thousands of us decided to up sticks and do the same? The rainforests would of course, end up over-crowded with spirit hunters, trudging through the trees, setting up home and ultimately, it would gradually be destroyed just like the lands of the ugly industrial western world wouldn’t it. So we can’t let that happen can we? … Over here in England, we have populated so much of our lovely land that many people have to travel quite far to be able to enjoy a connection with nature. I am lucky because I live in a part of this land that is still beautiful, on the coast, although even here we are not untouched. There are still houses being built all the time, most of which will only be occupied in holiday season, pretty soon, the inhabitants of our coastal town will also, have to travel further to gain their connection to the beauty of what mother nature has to offer. This frightens me … a lot.

Another question strikes me … are there people who are truly happy living the grindstone life? Working the stereotypical 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, maybe living for the weekend, where they will spend a large part of their hard-earned wage, being a good little consumer robot, drinking, eating out, filling up their cars with fuel, purchasing those new shoes everyone is talking about, after the tax-man has had his cut of course, and they’ve paid their mortgage to the greedy banksters, so they can live in their cosy houses that they leave empty for most of the week? Oh wait, hang on, I see a nasty cycle appearing here. Is this really how it was supposed to be?

When I was at school, I read a piece of graffiti scrawled on a desk, that I’ve always remembered, it said ‘Stop the world, I wanna get off!’ of course, full of teenage angst at that time, I liked the sentiment, but it rings true now too. I do wanna get off! Unless something changes of course, and ever the optimist, I can’t help but believe that it might. I want to get my connection back, surely you do too?

You see, I think that a lot of us in the western world are fed up with living the way we do. We are waking up to the fact that we are better than this. We don’t want to be lied to by our governments and corporations any more. We are tired of witnessing things such as; bankers’ sky-high bonuses alongside the extreme poverty of the world, corporations raping the earth for needless resources, un-necessary wars draining society and breeding hatred. Facts and figures are broadcast about the injustices of the world every day and people are actually starting to feel cheated. Why should huge companies like Amazon and banks like HSBC get away with tax evasion and corruption on a massive scale, when the average working man, is threatened with extreme punishment if he doesn’t pay his taxes? The injustices are immeasurable I’m sure. I hear people complaining about them all the time. But what can we do about it? Is another thing I hear people saying all the time. The frustration we feel is immeasurable also.

So anyway, I have decided to embark on a quest: an investigation into how we can re-establish our connection with spirit and maybe gain back, some of the control that has been taken from us.

Part one coming soon …. PEACE


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